At the heart of Silicon Valley, at the start of the tech boom in 1996, The founders of Lifestyle Solutions noticed people had to choose between sacrificing restfulness or space in pursuit of innovation.

Understanding that rest was an essential component to creativity, inspired the birth of Lifestyle Solutions— with a goal of maximizing rest in a space-conscious enviornment that enabled the best lifestyle solution for their métier. So the team sought out to develop the first futon frame with load-bearing detent apparatus that transformed the world of furniture. 45 patents later, many of Lifestyle Solutions’ technologies are prevelant in many sofa couches in the market. Lifestyle Solutions continued to keep up with further innovations and anticipated the needs of the ever-changing consumer landscape. 

Alongside forward thinking companies Lifestyle Solutions entered into e-Commerce In 2004, and pilot programs with partners that starting their e-commerce channels revolutionized how people shopped and received furniture into their homes. Further evolving and constantly pushing the envelope, Lifestyle Solutions anticipated the needs of instant shipping, so through thoughtful designs and packaging, we developed tool-less assembly products— all while safely shippable with major carriers.

Taking our legacy forward, Lifestyle Solutions continues to define trends and industry standards for furniture and living spaces. 

Headquartered in the United States, Lifestyle Solutions is proud to offer quality service around the globe. Our continuously stocked warehouses fulfill order requests worldwide. We ensure products arrive in perfect condition with safe shipping and delivery using state-of-the-art packaging technology.

Lifestyle Solutions can supplement your business model with retail and e-commerce solutions. These programs can assist you on different levels to move your business forward, increase visibility, and expand your customer base. The experienced Lifestyle Solutions team can assist you in finding the solution best suited for your company or build a tailored program exclusively for you.